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Perth collector launches second wave of rare cameras for auction

Perth collector launches second wave of rare cameras for auction
11 April 2018

More rare cameras and accessories are up for auction, as Perth camera collector Ashley Heuchan continues the liquidation of his lifelong collection of photography ephemera.

“This time the star of the auction is undoubtedly a 1940 Leica 250 Reporter GG, one of only fifty made that year, and probably destined for the German military or Luftwaffe,” says Heuchan.

Leica Reporter 250 GG with motor coupling
The very rare Leica Reporter 250 GG – 250 exposures without reloading.

“They are very rare and were customized to take thirty metres of film for 250 exposures, saving re-loading of cartridges every 36 exposures. This one has the motor-drive coupling but I don’t have the drive itself, so it is manual wind,” he explains. The camera has a starting bid of $10,000.

Leica 1

Leica 1 with original shoulder bag.

“Another gem is a 1929 Leica 1 still with original shoulder-bag, rangefinder and an instruction book. There are over thirty Leicas on offer. There is also a 100th anniversary gold-plated Hasselblad, a couple of early post-war Canons, a selection of miniature cameras including a ‘Ticka’ pocket-watch detective camera from 1910 and a gold-plated Minox.

hasselblad 2000

The beautiful gold-plated Hasselblad 2000 FC/M, celebrating 100 years of the Swedish company 1885-1985.

Two immaculate Voigtländer Prominent cameras from the 1950s are there. Some very early Kodak folding cameras in good condition are featured alongside several Zeiss Ikons and some lesser known box cameras.”

GOMZ Sputnik stereo camera

The former USSR produced this ‘Sputnik’ stereo camera to commemorate the first satellite in space.

Heuchan’s rare camera collection is being auctioned off in several tranches at, with the first in December 2017 achieving a 95% clearance rate. “We had bidding customers from all over the world,” says Ashley, “and made many new friends in the camera collecting community. I have to downsize and move on but for every item sold in my collection, I like to think I’ve made a new friend who will take care of it.”

The 111 lots will run for a week to April 17th, with a viewing day arranged at a Perth hotel on Friday 13th April for anyone wanting to inspect the cameras, lenses, accessories and books.
You can see the auctions for yourself at