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We are delighted to publish these testimonials from customers who took part in our previous auction.
They are all from successful bidders on Ashley Heuchan’s ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of rare & unique
photographic equipment that has been locked away for up to 50 years!

testimonialsYou were a delight to deal with, really prompt with information and responses and the entire billing and fulfillment experience was fantastic.
I should also note the camera – an unopened Leica M6 – was the epitome of perfection.
I have already shared and recommended you to people I know. – SR, Sydney

testimonialThanks – the process was easy enough.
Although it would have been good to be able to pay via credit card.
Shipping via my own courier pickup was also fine, and thanks for arranging for the cam
era to be packaged well for the pickup. Thanks. – MF, Black Rock, Vic

testimonialThings I liked:
Dealing with Andy – nice guy, very reassuring throughout the glitches, facilitated solutions.
Good photos of the items for sale (though unable to download and print enlarged images for a closer look).
Condition reports were accurate for the 4 items I bought.
Option to make an offer prior (tho I missed out last time because I wasn’t aware of the auction until too late – an APCS problem, not your fault).
Things I didn’t like:
No consolidated invoices for multiple purchases (probably just a teething problem).
Looking forward to the next auction list……; hope this feedback helps!
Cheers. – DM, Melbourne


I heard about the auction from Ash’s son in law. Looking forward to the next one. – PP, Carson, CA, USA


testimonialI was glad to have won a couple of items from the auction.
The auction format while good for the seller isn’t always good for bidders, for me personally I was working and missed out on a couple of items I would have loved to have bought.
There was no way for me to keep checking the auction.
On a positive note the items were just as described and Ash was extremely nice even sending me a case for one item after he found it in his collection. – BB, Vic

testimonialSystem works fine. – AK, Melbourne



I have been a member of the society for 38 years. I was willing to pay a premium for items in this collection as they are local and from a well known collector. – JC, Melbourne